About this website

Intro & Background

Hello, my name is Alex and I created and run this website. For many years I'm a huge fan of women with big natural (looking) boobs. Back in the early 2000's I discovered some great websites like busty.pl, nadine-j.de and milenavelba.com. With models like: Ines Cudna, Bea Flora, Ewa Sonnet, Nadine Jansen, Milena Velba, Jana Defi, Merilyn Sakova and many more.. I was amazed by the huge amount of great content that was available on the internet. From that moment on I had a new hobby: searching the internet for the finest busty women.

In that same period I followed an IT-education and became a professional webdeveloper. I worked for several employers and started my own business.

Why Bustadore?

Now, let's say 15 years later, I feel the need to create a place online where I can create a curated collection and share it with fellow enthusiasts. I've got the experience to build a website, so why not doing it..

The idea of Bustadore was born.

With Bustadore I want to create a online place where you can find a curated list of the finest busty women. These women are more than ever active on several online platforms. Besides the premium websites they are also visible on social media, blogs, webcam-sites and maybe other types of websites.

I want to collect the finest content they create on those platforms and display that on this website. Every item could be seen as a teaser of and reference to the original source.

The intention of Bustadore is not to create own content but to share the best content available.

Gifts & Affiliates

I've founded this website with my own (crypto) money. If you appreciate what I'm doing I would love to receive a gift on one of my crypto-wallets:

  • Bitcoin: 3PDauBzDwQRbLUfye9piyrF7pMJDybcNRX
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  • Ripple: r46XFTtLAJnyW4CSn5VKPDcMRhawZpmP3y

To cover the costs of maintaining this website I'm using affiliate marketing. On most pages a banner is visible. For some posts and modelpages I've created custom banners displaying the model in subject.
Besides banners, some posts contain a button which leads to related pages of Affiliate partners.

Submission & Collaboration

If you have content that you would love the see appear on this website, I would be happy to hear from you. You can send me an email: alex [at] bustadore.com

Thanks a lot for being here!!